Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes FAQ
What is the program?

The Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes program is a FREE 12-month program that helps participants reduce the risk and/or prevent type 2 diabetes through daily health coaching emails and/or text messages. The program provides weekly webinars on topics related to preventing type 2 diabetes, a weekly action plan journal, food journal, and fitness log. Participants also have access to Lifestyle Coaches who specialize in diabetes education. Through weekly photographed kiosk and/or manually entered weigh-ins, participants can visually track their progress. Quarterly weight improvement recorded at a Weigh and Win kiosk enables participants to earn cash rewards.

Who can participate in the program?

The Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes program is free for all Kaiser Permanente members in Colorado that are aged 18 and over and that meet the enrollment requirements to be at-risk for type 2 diabetes, including: having a BMI of 25 or greater, or being referred by your physician based on your A1C levels.

How does the program work?

Enroll: Easy online enrollment at WeighandWin.com/DPP

Daily Coaching: Receive a daily email and/or text message providing tips on H.E.A.L. (healthy eating and active living) principles. Messages are tailored based on enrollment preferences.

Required Weekly Activities: Each week, participants are required to:

  • Complete a weigh-in at a Weigh and Win kiosk or enter weight manually to online dashboard.
  • Update the Action Plan Journal.
  • Complete Food Log.
  • Complete Physical Activity Log.
  • View Weekly Webinar.
  • Reach out to Lifestyle Coach and/or others through Health Chat.

Weekly Lifestyle Coach Support: Access to a certified Lifestyle Coach daily or weekly for questions or concerns regarding personal progress and for supporting your goals to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

Measure: Participants who utilize the Weigh and Win kiosks will be able to weigh-in using a private, automated kiosk located in the community. Weekly weigh-ins are required through the use of a Weigh and Win kiosk or through online weight entry. Please note that only those who weigh-in using a Weigh and Win kiosk at a minimum, once per quarter, are eligible for cash incentives based on weight improvement. Weigh-in results and live progress tracking will facilitate the quarterly rewards program.

Reward: Eligible participants have the opportunity to earn quarterly cash rewards for reaching specified weight improvement marks (see FAQ #13 for details). Participants can also qualify for monthly prize drawings based on accrued HEALTHpoints, earned by completing weekly program activities (i.e., weigh-in, action plan journal, food journal, fitness log, etc.).

What are my options to join?

Enroll Online! Enrollment is quick and easy. Just visit incentahealth.com/dpp/kpco and enter how you heard about the program to get started. Completing the profile information only takes about five to ten minutes. The final step of the enrollment process is to view the Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes 3-minute video. This will help you to prepare for the year ahead.

I don't have Internet access, can I still participate?

Unfortunately, the Internet is a requirement for this program to view the weekly materials and webinars. If you have access on your smartphone or tablet, that may take the place of a computer.

How often will I receive emails or text messages?

You will receive one email per day, with each day corresponding to a messaging theme (i.e., healthy eating, physical activity, motivation, etc.). If daily emails are too much, you can opt for weekly emails instead. This can be adjusted in your personal profile settings or by reaching out to [email protected]. If you choose the text message option, you can receive up to three text messages daily, depending on your personal preferences. Each text message will correspond with the day’s theme (e.g., General, Nutrition, or Exercise). Each text message will be sent at a time specified by the participant. You will never be sent unsolicited email or texts and all of your information will be kept strictly confidential. The only emails you will receive will be from the Weigh and Win team.

How long does it take to set up your profile?

Getting signed up for the program and setting up your profile is quick and easy! It only takes about five to ten minutes to complete your entire program profile.

What if I forgot my username and/or password?

Your username and password are used to access your online Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes account, as well as, for weighing in at a kiosk location in the community. To confirm your username and/or password, please contact [email protected]

How long does it take to set up your profile?

Getting signed up for the program and setting up your profile is quick and easy! It only takes about five to ten minutes to complete your entire program profile.

What happens once I'm enrolled in the program?

Once enrolled in Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes, you will receive an email confirmation to inform you of the next steps and the expectations for the program. Your official start date will be the Monday following your initial enrollment. Once you’ve reached your start date, expect to complete all weekly assignments outlined in FAQ #3.

What happens after I have completed a year in the program?

Once you've successfully completed a year in the Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes program, you have the option to switch over to the core Weigh and Win program to continue on your personal health journey. If you wish to conclude your participation, please let us know via phone or email. We can be reached at (303)694-8007 (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm MST) or [email protected]

What if I miss a weekly weigh-in at a kiosk location?

If you miss a weekly weigh-in at a kiosk, you have the option to manually enter your weight using the online weigh-in entry log. Please update this log or visit a kiosk regularly to ensure your information is up-to-date and to see your personal progress.

How much money is earned?

Cash rewards are distributed quarterly and will be awarded to participants who achieve weight improvement tracked at a Weigh and Win kiosk according to the below structure:

% of Weight Improvement and Quarterly Cash Rewards

5% = $15

10% = $30

15% = $45

20% = $75

25% = $105

30% = $150

How are cash rewards distributed?

Rewards are distributed quarterly, based on the participant’s individual start date in the program. Participants who earn cash rewards will receive a reloadable cash reward card in the mail. If rewards are earned in subsequent quarters, future rewards are electronically reloaded onto the original card for more prompt delivery.

What if I lose my reward card?

If your reward card is lost or stolen, please call Weigh and Win at (800)694-0352. Replacement cards will be shipped within 24 hours, which you should receive within 7-10 business days. You will be charged a $6.00 replacement card fee for this service.

How long can people earn money?

If weight improvement has been achieved, a participant is eligible to receive a cash reward based on the amount of weight improvement. If weight is kept off, cash rewards can be received quarterly up to one year after the program enrollment. If some or all of the weight is regained between weigh-ins, the cash reward will be reduced or eliminated in line with the reward structure goals. At the end of 12 months and if you wish to remain in the core Weigh and Win program, your baseline weight is recalculated based on your most recent weight for the new program year. This will also restart the incentive structure and the new baseline weight. If the starting BMI for this new program year is still greater than or equal to 25, cash incentives are still offered for quarterly weight improvement.

How is Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes funded?

Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes is funded by Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Community Benefit in an effort to improve community health by making an effective chronic disease prevent program accessible to Kaiser Permanente members. Community partnerships have also been critical in making the program available by providing additional funding, resources, and promotional support.

When I visit a kiosk to weigh-in, will I be doing so in private?

Yes! Barriers surround the kiosk to provide privacy for participants during the weigh-in process and general use of the kiosk. Participants will receive an email following a recorded weigh-in, with instructions to access their results on the Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes account online. All data is kept completely private, secure, and confidential. Personal weight information will not be included in the email.

Can I weigh-in at any kiosk?

Yes, all participants can weigh-in at any Weigh and Win kiosk within the facility's hours of operation. Visit https://dpp.weighandwin.com/kiosklocations.aspx for a list of available kiosks, status, and facility hours.

How does the kiosk know that it's me weighing in?

In order to weigh-in at a kiosk, participants must enter their unique username and password information. During the weigh-in, a photo is taken to further verify identity and is then sent to the participant's online account.

What if the kiosk is not working properly when I go to weigh-in?

Technology is unpredictable, so please do not wait until the last day before your quarterly deadline to complete a weigh-in. If it is known to Weigh and Win that a kiosk is out of order and waiting for repair, a “temporarily out of order” message will be uploaded to the website under the “Kiosk Locations” tab. If you experience any issues during our office hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm MST), please call us directly from the kiosk. If your closes kiosk location is temporarily out of order, please visit the “Kiosk Locations” tab for a list of your next closest kiosk.

I completed a weigh-in but it’s not showing up on my Progress Report.

The most common reason for a weigh-in not showing up is because participants do not press the “Continue” button on the screen after completing a weigh-in. This screen will time out after about 75 seconds and any weigh-in information will be lost. Also, if you select the ‘Quit’ button at any time during your weigh-in, this will quit the weigh-in process and will not transfer your weigh-in. Occasionally, a kiosk may be offline and while the kiosk will allow you to complete a weigh-in, it won’t transfer data through to your profile. If you aren’t sure if your information has been processed, it is always best to login to your personal Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes profile or check for an email confirmation before leaving the kiosk location.

What are HEALTHpoints?

HEALTHpoints are rewarded upon completion of any number of healthy activities completed. These can be calculated weekly or daily and include activities such as completing a weigh-in, updating your action plan journal, or entering information into your food or physical activity logs. Each month, there is a prize drawing for individuals who have earned 300 or more HEALTHpoints. Prizes may include parks passes, mountain bikes, or activity trackers, to name a few.

What are the required weekly assignments?

Each week, participants are required to complete assignments, including:

  • Weigh-In- to be completed at a Weigh and Win kiosk or manually entered into the Weigh-In Log on the Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes dashboard. *Please note that manually entered weigh-ins are not eligible for quarterly cash incentives.
  • Action Plan Journal- The action plan journal is a tool used to help keep participants on track with their personal health goals. These are updated each week based on the week’s webinar topic. The goals should focus on where, when, and how long a healthy goal is to be worked on, along with challenges to this goal and ways to cope with these challenges. This is located on the participant’s dashboard screen under the Coaching Tools menu option.
  • Physical Activity Log- Active minutes must be recorded each week. This tool is broken down into individual days and allow for manual selection of each physical activity performed. Once saved, the week’s minutes are recorded. This is also located under Coaching Tools.
  • Food Log- Located under Coaching Tools, the food log provides an easy place to add food items consumed each day. The log allows participants to enter the date, time, amount, and calories for easy and effective food tracking.
  • Weekly Webinar- Participants are expected to view the webinar each week which focuses on a new health topic specific for the week in the Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes program. Each webinar is 10-30 minutes in length and allows for participation and group interaction. It also allows for opportunities to interact with the Lifestyle Coach as needed.
  • Social Chatter- The Health Chat allows for ongoing participation with others in the group, along with the Lifestyle Coach. This feature allows participants to go back and review previous questions asked by others, along with previously answered conversations with the Lifestyle Coach.

What's the purpose of being placed in a group in the Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes program?

Being a part of a group for the Weigh and Win + Prevent Diabetes program allows participants improved interaction with others and the Lifestyle Coach. It enhances the efficacy of the program’s goals and allows for ongoing support and opportunities to celebrate the groups accomplishments together. It also allows for the group to work through similar challenges together, particularly those that are common in individuals who are at-risk for type 2 diabetes. Each group is composed of 8-12 participants and is designed in a way to resemble the most common social media platforms on the Internet today. Each participant is able to upload a personal profile photo, or use the avatar automatically placed on the participant’s profile. Participants can create their own profile name or use on of the already created names for improved privacy. The group works through each week's materials together and completes the program as a whole.